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About: Mike Schwab / Remote Editor

After receiving his MA in film production from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television, Mike was a professional screenwriter who happened to be working for a producer based in a post-house on a script for NASCAR.

The post-supervisor had an editing emergency, and raced through the facility looking for anyone that knew how to edit. Having studied editing at USC, Mike jumped at the opportunity to make a little cash.

Knowing the intricacies of music and story, however, didn’t mean that he had any idea how to run an Avid. So Mike created a list of professional editors that he knew, and made sure that he only called them once per night to ask a question about how to use the machine.

With a paycheck in hand, Mike made the logical decision that getting paid to edit was a lot more enjoyable than developing scripts for free. So he quickly made the jump from full-time writer to full-time editor.

Starting at Filmgarden Entertainment, Mike quickly became their go-to editor, spending three years with the company and editing dozens of shows for networks such as The Travel Channel, TLC, and Discovery.

In 2003 a producer recommended Mike to edit a new show for NBC called The Biggest Loser. Placed as one of two lead-editors on the Pilot episode, it was his first foray into both competition reality and major network productions. Showing great confidence, Mike begged the post-production staff to move him to the second episode… Or maybe even the third?

But the braintrust at 3Ball Entertainment held firm, and NBC liked the initial cut so much that they asked for the Pilot to be extended by 30 minutes. Thus begun a season of super-sized Biggest Loser episodes for NBC, at the time a first for the network with reality programming.

After tackling Loser, Mike worked on a number of reality shows and pitch-tape (sizzles) for various networks and companies. Also holding a BFA in Playwriting from the DePaul University Goodman School of Drama, Mike used his storytelling skills along with a sense of music and style to help sell shows to networks including CMT, E!, TVLand, and VH-1.

Mike’s storytelling skill has also served him well on Fox Network’s hit show Hell’s Kitchen. Although he’s edited everything from challenges to dinner service, Mike was put in charge of every episode's cast deliberation and elimination for five seasons. And while some deliberations are straight forward, more often-than-not

they’re an intricate puzzle where he has to find the fight in the contestants while building up the show-ending drama.

Throughout his 15 year professional career, Mike has had the chance to edit a variety of shows across the reality television spectrum. Game shows, talk shows, scripted comedies and dramas, he’s had a chance to work on just about every genre of television production on nearly every major channel.

Currently, Mike is living in the Chicago area, so that he can eat real pizza, his kids can walk to school, and they all get to see other seasons besides “hot.”


(An Incomplete List)

Competition Reality

The Biggest Loser (Pilot)

NBC (Pilot) // 3Ball Entertainment

The Biggest Loser (Season 1)

NBC // 3Ball Entertainment

The Biggest Loser Specials

NBC // 3Ball Entertainment

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 5)

Fox // ITV Studios

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 7)

Fox // ITV Studios

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 9)

Fox // ITV Studios

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 10)

Fox // ITV Studios

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 11)

Fox // ITV Studios

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 12)

Fox // ITV Studios

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 14)

Fox // ITV Studios

American Ninja Warrior
(Season 4)

NBC // A. Smith and Co.

America’s Next Top Model
(Cycle 19)

The CW // 10×10 Entertainment

American Inventor (Season 1)

ABC // Fremantle N. America

The Next Iron Chef

Food Network // Triage Entertainment

Who Wants to Be a Superhero? (Season 2)

Syfy Channel // Nash Entertainment

I Want to Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again

CMT // Triage Entertainment




MyNetwork // Twentieth TV

Saints and Sinners

MyNetwork // Twentieth TV

Watch Over Me

MyNetwork // Twentieth TV


Hotel Hell (Season 1)

Fox // One Potato, Two Potato

Ultimate 10 – Military Machines

TLC // Filmgarden Entertainment

The Little Chocolatiers

TLC // Relativity Real

My Strange Addiction (Ep. 603)

TLC // Violet Media

My Strange Addiction (Ep. 605)

TLC // Violet Media

19 Kids & Counting (Season 9)

TLC // Figure 8 Films

Dozens of shows

for Discovery, TLC, and The Travel Channel // Filmgarden Entertainment


Game Shows

Gone Viral (Pilot)

CMT // High Noon Entertainment

Minute to Win It (Seasons 1-2)

NBC // NBC/Universal

Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader? (Seasons 1-2)

Syndicated // Mark Burnett Prods.

1 vs. 100

GSN // Endemol

The Chase

GSN // ITV Studios

The Choice

Fox // A. Smith and Co.



Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil

Comedy Central // Black Humor Prods.


Talk Shows

The Bonnie Hunt Show

Syndicated // Warner Bros. TV

The Doctors

Syndicated // Stage 29 Productions


Life is a Cabaret

Symply Entertainment

Lords of the Ring

History // Asylum Entertainment

Honor Cops

History // Espiritus Productions

The Last Stand

History // Espiritus Productions

Bury the Hatchet

INE Entertainment

Handcuffed By History

Symply Entertainment


Fox (Pilot) // The Lonely Planet

The Hard Rock Life

VH-1 (Sizzle) // Reveille Studios

Holistic Harvest

CURRENT (Pilot) // Relativity Real

Leave It to Lamas

E! (Sizzle) // Next Entertainment

My First Date

Mtv (Pilot) // Asylum Entertainment

Saved By The Baby

VH-1 (Pilot) // 51 Minds Ent.

How’d You Get So Rich?

TVLand (Sizzle) // Burnett/Zoo Prods.

Popularity Contest

CMT (Sizzle) // Filmgarden Ent.

Forage Wars

NatGeo (Pilot) // Shine America

Todrick Hall Project

Mtv (Pilot) // Brian Graden Media



AFSF Refinery Project

Just Add Firewater

Google Zeitgeist

D & D Edit

Google Summit

D & D Edit

YouTube For Good

D & D Entertainment

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Working with a remote editor is both simple, cost effective, and worry-free. As technology offers a variety of ways to communicate, it's as if the editor was right down the hall.

Using an inexpensive drive (USB 3.0, Firewire, Thunderbolt connections), the media to be edited would get copied to the drive, and the drive shipped out to the edit bay. If any additional material needs to be added at a later date, it can be sent either via email, or through a service like Dropbox for larger files.

Once the files are in-hand, the editing can begin. As a producer, there are many ways to discuss the direction of the show, including Skype, FaceTime, and even through phone calls and email.

An Avid sequence can be emailed daily, which will automatically relink to the media that is mirrored at the Post-Production office. In the case that there isn't an actual facility, the current cut can be exported into a Quicktime, along with burned-in sequence timecode.
With the timecode in sync with the cut, any questions, notes, or compliments as to the brilliance of the edit can be easily referenced as if the producer was screening the cut in the bay.

Of course, since there is no bay, there's no bay rental. And because the Avid is off-site, there's no system rental either. By editing remotely, you can put your post-production savings right back into the production, while still working with an A-List editor.


When it comes to selling your television show, editing is the key to getting the network’s attention. From music, to story, to finding the right amount of flash, a Sizzle Reel has to grab the viewer from the first minute and hold their attention to the last frame.

Having edited dozens of sizzle, pitch, and pilot reels for both the Big Four Networks and countless cable channels, I have the knowledge and experience to maximize your footage and help you find the story that will sell.


Looking to take your corporate production to the next level? I can work with you on all aspects of your production. From concept to final product, I’ll help shape your vision and maximize the results.

Whether it’s an event video, a how-to or training video or content for your brand social media presence, I’ll bring the story and message together for a final result that wows your audience.


Raising money for charity, a passion project, or even the perfect hot-dog griller? Nothing gets your message across like video. I can help you paint the ideal picture to explain your concept.

I can work with footage that you’ve shot, acquired (found/purchased), or we can arrange to shoot new footage… And the final result will grabs people’s attention and help you raise the funding that you need.


If you’re a production company shooting a project in the Midwest, you can still have an editor on-set. No more wasted footage or wasted shoot days, I’ll work with your production team to come up with shot-charts, coverage, and especially the b-roll that your production needs.

Having an editor in the field will save you countless headaches in the edit bay. And I’ll make sure all the necessary footage makes it’s way back to post.


American Greed (Episode 128)

American Greed (Episode 128)

The Thrift Store Bandit masterminds a jailbreak from 17 stories up.

American Greed (Episode 120)

American Greed (Episode 120)

A financial advisor is actually selling a Ponzi scheme.

American Greed (Episode 114)

American Greed (Episode 114)

A mobster comes to North Carolina.

My Strange Addiction (Ep. 605 -Grandma Lover)

My Strange Addiction (Ep. 605 -Grandma Lover)

A man is addicted to dating senior citizens.

My Strange Addiction (Ep. 605 – Madonna)

My Strange Addiction (Ep. 605 – Madonna)

A man is addicted to being Madonna.

My Strange Addiction (Ep. 603)

My Strange Addiction (Ep. 603)

A woman is addicted to eating air freshener.

19 Kids & Counting (Season 9)

19 Kids & Counting (Season 9)

The Duggar boys learn to make pie.

America’s Next Top Model EP 6 (Cycle 19)

America’s Next Top Model EP 6 (Cycle 19)

The girls find themselves on a Steampunk photo shoot.

Root of All Evil: Bloggers

Root of All Evil: Bloggers

Patton Oswald reads the online comments to The Constitution with questionable results.

Hell’s Kitchen 1106

Hell’s Kitchen 1106

Deliberation: Tempers flare as the teams have to decide who deserves to go up for elimination.

Hell’s Kitchen 1203

Hell’s Kitchen 1203

Deliberation: The teams are having issues deciding who deserves to go up for elimination.

Hell’s Kitchen 1009

Hell’s Kitchen 1009

Challenge: Cooking. Red Team vs. Blue Team. Winner gets rewarded, loser does punishment.

Biggest Loser 107

Biggest Loser 107

Challenge: Stationary Bike. Most miles in 4 hours wins immunity.

Backwards Racing

Backwards Racing

A short clip used by a video game company as a reward for getting to the next level.



Reward and Punishment for the Red and Blue teams

Biggest Loser 103 SA

Biggest Loser 103 SA

Navy wives Hawaiian Reunion

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Country music act Trailer Choir plays on the gameshow

The Biggest Loser (Pilot)

The Biggest Loser (Pilot)

The contestants weigh in for the first time ever on The Biggest Loser



The boys from Lonely Planet's first attempt at a clip-comedy show.

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior

Semi-Final action from NBC's America Ninja Warrior

Mike Schwab / Chicago

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