With over 20 years of editing experience, we know the vital
ingredients that you need to make a project successful:
First, you need the story. Collaborating with a producer or working solo, we can craft the narrative that you’re after, or even dig through the footage to find the story that you want to tell.
Second, you need the right music. We are experts at setting the tone for your project and layering in the right tracks, or leaving it dry, to create the perfect mood for every scene.
Third, you need pacing. How your story is told is as important as the story itself. Pacing is like feeding a baby; feed it too slow and the baby will cry for more… But if you feed it too fast the baby will get overwhelmed and spit the food out.

Proper pacing helps an audience digest the information. The definition of a professional editor, Mike has experience with competition shows, cooking shows, dating shows, game shows, and talk shows, along with both narrative and commercial work.


Currently, Mike is living just outside Chicago and editing remotely, so that he can eat real pizza, his kids can walk to school, and they all get to enjoy other seasons besides “hot.”

But given that he’s only an hour behind New York and just two hours ahead of Los Angeles, Mike is happy to work his edit shift starting at 9 am in your timezone if requested.



The Biggest Loser (Pilot)

NBC (Pilot) // 3Ball Entertainment

The Biggest Loser (Season 1)

NBC // 3Ball Entertainment

The Biggest Loser Specials

NBC // 3Ball Entertainment

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 5)

Fox // ITV Studios

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 7)

Fox // ITV Studios

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 9)

Fox // ITV Studios

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 10)

Fox // ITV Studios

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 11)

Fox // ITV Studios

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 12)

Fox // ITV Studios

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 14)

Fox // ITV Studios

American Ninja Warrior (Season 4)

NBC // A. Smith and Co.

America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 19)

The CW // 10×10 Entertainment

The Choice

Fox // A. Smith and Co.

American Inventor (Season 1)

ABC // Fremantle N. America

The Next Iron Chef

Food Network // Triage Entertainment

Who Wants to Be a Superhero? (Season 2)

Syfy Channel // Nash Entertainment

I Want to Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again

CMT // Triage Entertainment

The Big Tiny Food Faceoff

YouTube / B17 Entertainment

Rat in the Kitchen

TBS / Thinkfactory Media

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21

FOX / A. Smith and Co.

Vegas Chef Prizefight

Food Network / High Noon Entertainment

The Next Marijuana Millionaire

Advanced Nutrients Prods.


Hotel Hell (Season 1)

Fox // One Potato, Two Potato

Ultimate 10 – Military Machines

TLC // Filmgarden Entertainment

The Little Chocolatiers

TLC // Relativity Real

My Strange Addiction (Ep. 603)

TLC // Violet Media

My Strange Addiction (Ep. 605)

TLC // Violet Media

19 Kids & Counting (Season 9)

TLC // Figure 8 Films

Dozens of shows

for Discovery, TLC, and The Travel Channel // Filmgarden Entertainment

American Greed (ep. 114)

A mobster comes to North Carolina.

American Greed (ep. 120)

A financial advisor is actually selling a Ponzi scheme.

American Greed (ep. 128)

The Thrift Store Bandit masterminds a jailbreak from 17 stories up.

Curb Appeal Xtreme

HGTV / Scott Bros. Entertainment

Home Again with The Fords

HGTV / High Noon Entertainment

Bargain Block

HGTV / High Noon Entertainment

Buying Detroit (Pilot)

HGTV / High Noon Entertainment

Good Bones

HGTV / High Noon Entertainment

Storm Stories S1

The Weather Channel / Towers Productions

Storm Stories S2

The Weather Channel / Towers Productions


Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil

Comedy Central // Black Humor Prods.

Rat in the Kitchen

TBS / Thinkfactory Media

STUFFED Apples: A Road Trip with Bite

Junkdrawer Media

Life is a Cabaret
Symply Entertainment

Lords of the Ring
History // Asylum Entertainment

Honor Cops
History // Espiritus Productions

The Last Stand
History // Espiritus Productions

Bury the Hatchet
INE Entertainment

Handcuffed By History
Symply Entertainment


Fox (Pilot) // The Lonely Planet

The Hard Rock
Life VH-1 (Sizzle) // Reveille Studios

Holistic Harvest
CURRENT (Pilot) // Relativity Real

Leave It to Lamas
E! (Sizzle) // Next Entertainment

My First Date
Mtv (Pilot) // Asylum Entertainment

Saved By The Baby
VH-1 (Pilot) // 51 Minds Ent.

How’d You Get So Rich?
TVLand (Sizzle) // Burnett/Zoo Prods.

Popularity Contest
CMT (Sizzle) // Filmgarden Ent.

Forage Wars
NatGeo (Pilot) // Shine America

Todrick Hall Project
Mtv (Pilot) // Brian Graden Media

Snack vs. Chef (pilot)
Netflix / ITV America

House Unseen (pilot)
HBO MAX / Jax Media

Handcuffed by History (sizzle)
Symply Entertainment

The Bank (Sizzle/Pilot)
Africa Channel / TwentyNineBlack Ent.

Apex: Survival (Sizzle)
Arniston Media


The Bonnie Hunt Show

Syndicated // Warner Bros. TV

The Doctors

Syndicated // Stage 29 Productions

Gone Viral (Pilot)
CMT // High Noon Entertainment

Minute to Win It (Seasons 1-2)
NBC // NBC/Universal

Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader? (Seasons 1-2)

Syndicated // Mark Burnett Prods.

1 vs. 100
GSN // Endemol

The Chase
GSN // ITV Studios

The Choice
Fox // A. Smith and Co.

Jeff’s Homemade Gameshow
BYU / Worldview Productions


MyNetwork // Twentieth TV

Saints and Sinners
MyNetwork // Twentieth TV

Watch Over Me
MyNetwork // Twentieth TV


AFSF Refinery Project
Just Add Firewater

Google Zeitgeist
D & D Edit

Google Zeitgeist – Killer Mike
Google / D&D Edit

Google Zeitgeist – Ta-Nehisi Coates
Google / D&D Edit

Google Summit
D & D Edit

YouTube For Good
D & D Entertainment

STUFFED Grain: A Road Trip with Bite

Junkdrawer Media

STUFFED Apples: A Road Trip with Bite

Junkdrawer Media

Hart/Walmart / Limited Edition

Junkdrawer Media

Hart/Walmart / Summer Fun

Junkdrawer Media

McDonald’s Secret Menu

McDonalds / We Are Unlimited


McDonalds / We Are Unlimited

Burger Menu Takeover

McDonalds/Reddit / We Are Unlimited

Zombicide Commercial


The Camp – Lorne Michaels
Google / D&D Edit

Warrior Games (Packages)
Dep’t of Defense / VWSE Productions

Women’s Leadership Summit 2018
Google / D&D Edit

Dyson Air Purifier spot / Dyson Ltd.
Bottle Rocket Media

YouTube for Good
YouTube / D&D Edit











Great editor, great communication.
Working remotely was easy and cost effective, and we got an A-List LA editor without the A-List rate.


Someone who gets it.
Sense of story telling is on point, and someone who is a machine in the bay.

LB Horschler
Executive in Charge, Brian Graden Media

Mike makes his years and experience working in LA on network shows really work for you.
He’s streamlined the off-site editing experience, saving you time and money while still delivering a perfect cut.

Geoff Skinner
Vice President of Entertainment, CMON, Ltd.

Mike is an editor that I trust.
He pays great attention to detail, is fantastic with music and pacing, and is able to find the story in the footage with no hand-holding.

Kenny Rosen
Co-EP, Hell’s Kitchen

Mike is a master craftsman of story.
Not only did we save thousands by working with Mike remotely, he single-handedly raised the overall production value of our project.

Shane Igoe
Executive Producer, The Next Marijuana Millionaire

Mike is the real deal.
A talented editor who can spot story and make it work with energy and pace.

Danny Salles
Executive Producer, The Todrick Hall Project

Mike’s a creative partner, always searching for the best way to tell the story.
It’s like having another producer in the bay.

Rebekah Fry
Supervising Producer, Hell’s Kitchen

Having Mike onboard, I felt secure knowing that he was looking after every detail as if the project were his own.

Brenda Martino
Post-Production Supervisor, The Chase

Mike is a talented editor who quickly gets to the heart of the scene and polishes it to the point of greatest impact.

Evan Weinstein
Co-EP, Forage Wars

Mike’s attention to detail makes him an asset in the edit bay

Cindy Clark
Co-EP, The Chase

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